The art of SeharJH
Call me Sehar! I'm an aspiring animation student at Arts University Bournemouth.

I'm in love with character animation and design, and I especially love the Avatar series (Aang/Korra), Gravity Falls, Steven Universe-- just too many cartoons to count! When I'm not drawing or animating, I'm most likely immersed within a book, game or series.

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Guys I finally made a Facebook art page, I’d love it if you’d give it a like!

viviannedubois: Lovely art work!

Ahh thank you so much! Your work is gorgeous *0*

Anonymous: Oh my gosh so hi!! I used to talk to you and stuff on DA like... a year back? (but im too shy and scared that i was a huge dumbo back then to say who i am---) I dunno but I've just seen your art again and WOWWW it is even more stunning than it was like seriously!! oh my gosh it's just beautiful TuT, well done on the skills and improvement and stuff *scurries away*

Gosh I remember reading this ask a while ago but I’ve been so caught up with uni work I forgot I hadn’t answered! I’m so sorry!

But noooo no no, don’t be shy! I met some lovely people on DA who supported my art (WHICH I GREATLY APPRECIATE), please come off anon and say hi ;u; And thank you so much!